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I apply my personal photo styling to your pictures using a combination of artificial and natural light to provide a commercial/architectural quality result. Minor edits and sky replacement (for those gray Jersey days) are included in the price.  Otherwise retouching for room and/or counter clutter be @$50/hr.*

All the real estate photos on my site are photographed by me. Prices reflect those for Residential Real Estate only.  For Commercial Real Estate and for Private Sellers (FSBO, REI, Fannie Mae, etc.) please inquire.


Up to...

  • 20 photos:  $150.00 (for small apt or condo, no stairs)

  • 25 photos:  $165.00

  • 30 photos:  $175.00

  • 35 photos:  $185.00

  • 40 photos:  $195.00

  • 45 photos:  $205.00

  • 50 photos:  $215.00

  • Twilight shots $140 for 3 images.

  • Virtual Staging / 1 photo:   $80.00

  • Virtual Staging / 3 photos:  $199.00
    Please allow up to 72 hours additional for return.

  • Add $30.00 for travel outside 30-mile radius.

                                                                Sky replacement free!







Payment is due at the time of the Photography Session.  We take check (payable to 'Terence Lyons'),  or cash. Credit cards and Paypal will incur a 4% surcharge.

MLS and Print images — low and high resolution are delivered within 36 house via an online gallery. We can deliver via Dropbox as well.

Please note: I view real estate photography as advertising and not an exact documentation of the home so not all rooms are photographed. For instance, small half-baths with just a sink and toilet. It is my intention to motivate potential buyers to come and visit the house in person and some rooms (half-bath, garage, unfinished basement, attic) just don't say "see me!
Rooms are edited to be slightly brighter than they are in real life which may throw off some color hues. Also, viewing online images from different devices (PC monitor. Mac monitor, tablet, cell phone) can show colors
 differently. Just walk down the television aisle of Best Buy to see how the different models display colors differently. **


** Regarding image editing: we adhere to a set of standard ethical practices for architectural and interior design photography.  Using a digital image manipulation software to alter the physical characteristics of a property goes against those standards.  If the property is in disrepair it will be photographed as is so we recommend doing all repairs before shooting the listing. At times, weather conditions may be digitally altered for purposes of improving the marketability of the exterior image however digital alteration is not performed on the building or property.
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